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Time Line Therapy™

Ask yourself the following questions:​

– Do you feel sad and hurt by events from the past that you feel you are unable to move on?
– Do you feel under confident and suffer from low self-esteem?
– Are you stressed, anxious and frustrated by life situations?
– Do family, friends or work colleagues tell you that you overreact?
– Are you angry towards others and yourself? 
– Are you fearful of what the future holds?
– Do you set goals and not achieve them?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, I can help you by using the process of Time Line Therapy™.

What can Time Line Therapy™ do for you?

Time Line Therapy™ is about letting go of emotions from the past and freeing you from the negative beliefs that limit you. The process enables you to release emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt which are attached to specific memories from the past and that are still affecting and having an impact on your beliefs and decision-making today. Time Line Therapy™ allows you to clear your “baggage” and “stuff” so that you can have the life you want now and create the future you desire.

What’s it like?

Time Line Therapy™ is easy and simple. It’s a process that works in the same way as sorting through a wardrobe crammed full of clothes. As you look into the wardrobe, you will see clothes that don’t fit anymore, are not comfortable, that are really outdated and some clothes which you don’t even like! Until you spring clean your wardrobe and make space there is no room for the new clothes that you would like to choose. If your mind is full with years of negative emotions it needs a spring clean for you to be able to have, be and do the things that you choose with your life.

What is your 'Time Line'?

All of your memories past, present and your aims for the future are stored within your unconscious mind and that organisation is what we call your Time Line.

Where did Time Line Therapy™ come from?

It is an amazing intervention that was developed by Dr. Tad James and has been used throughout the world to successfully enable people to transform and enhance their lives.


What are the results of Time Line Therapy™?

Time Line Therapy™ enables you to learn, let go and move on from your past and start living your life with a new understanding and freedom.

The rest of your life starts today, Right here, Right now!​​

Time Line Therapy™ is a registered trademark of Tad James, licensed exclusively to the Time Line Therapy™ Association, Inc. Association members in good standing are authorised to use this trademark in conjunction with their practice of Time Line Therapy™ techniques.

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