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Transformational Empowerment Package

The Transformational Empowerment Package is a personal Breakthrough Session with me that is a unique, intensive and transformational experience. It is tailor-made to meet your specific needs and requirements in a way that is both fast and effective. This enables personal and professional development on every level. Changing thoughts creates infinite possibilities!


Personal Breakthrough Sessions are truly transformational; a ‘spring clean’ of your mind - a bit like clearing out a wardrobe of things that don’t fit or are uncomfortable to wear. In getting to the root cause and letting go of the things that no longer serve you, or you don’t want, space is created for you to then choose the things that you want to have, be and do!


The processes used in the Breakthrough Session will equip you with the skills and strategies to enable you to move forward with a true sense of purpose, direction, self-confidence, balance and an empowered inner-harmony in your life. 

This results in a positive impact on your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.


The seemingly impossible now becomes possible!

The Transformational Empowerment Package will comprise - 

Working one-to-one with me over 3 days (6 hours per day max). 

This is followed by 3 x one hour Empowerment calls.

Please note - there is total flexibility with this package as it is specifically designed around you and your individual needs and situation. We will discuss this together prior to commencing.

Total package 21 hours.

"What a difference it makes when you and Stephanie Harrison are working together!!!"

"Inner transformation - priceless empowerment!"

                                                                                                             Stephanie Harrison

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Empowerment Package

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